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Editorial Board

The BSDJ is governed by the Editorial Board, a committee of medical students and junior doctors working on a voluntary basis. The Editorial Board is led by the Editor-in-Chief, who liaises with the Faculty Advisory Board. The Editorial Board manage the day-to-day operations of the journal.



The Editor-in-Chief oversees all aspects of day-to-day journal management. They receive, screen, and assign all new submissions, and issue final decisions for all published articles. In addition, they lead recruitment of the Editorial Board on an annual basis, and are responsible for liaison with the Faculty Advisory Board.

The current Editor-in-Chief is Dr Shivani Kanabar.

Senior Editors

The Senior Editors oversee the editorial process of all submissions; they liaise with the Section Editors and Editors-in-Chief to identify and overcome any issues arising from manuscript handling. There are four current Senior Editors. In addition, Dr Callum Phillips serves as the Deputy Editor-in-Chief.

Section Editors

The Section Editors handle all submissions for each section of the journal: Original Research, Education, Discussion Starters, Reflections and Correspondence. They are responsible for managing the peer-review process for each submission, and recommend decisions to the Editor-in-Chief.

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Founders & Executive Team

The BSDJ Executive Committee are comprised of the original journal founders and management team; their role is to support and guide the Editorial Board in the organisation of the journal.

Eleni Panagoulas

Faculty Advisory Board

The Faculty Advisory Board comprises experienced academics, initially recruited from Cardiff University. Their role is to select the Editor-in-Chief, sign off on each edition of the journal, and make fundamental decisions regarding the future direction and constitution of the journal. The Honorary Editor oversees the Faculty Advisory Board; this post is currently held by Mrs Julie Browne.

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