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As the new academic year begins, we announce the joining of two new members of faculty to our Faculty Advisory Board.

Being a doctor entails making decisions constantly regarding patients’ care. Doctors always face dilemmas on what is the best direction to take, what is the most appropriate test, treatment or whether at all intervention is necessary. All decisions made are dependent o...

I am reliably informed by Google that the above phrase is usually translated from the Latin as, “time flies”. At the end of my first year as Education Section Editor - the inaugural education section editor of the journal, no less- I can attest that it most definitely...

Our former name, The Student Doctor Journal, has officially been changed to The British Student Doctor.

Once, when I was working in a primary school as a teaching assistant, I had the distinct pleasure of seeing human nature at its finest. One little girl who, to protect her 5 year-old dignity, we shall call Cindy, promised another little girl- Daisy- a set of stickers....

December 22, 2016

It is fair to say that it certainly hasn't been a quiet year for The Student Doctor team!

We have come a long way and we wanted to share some of our highlights with you all. 

Submissions have been flying in...

We are currently well under way in the review process for the...

What is the secret to creating a successful business?  

There is no quick or easy answer, demonstrated by the vast amount of literature published on this subject. One important factor, that is recognised by all entrepreneurs, is having the insight to recognise that we a...

October 24th - 30th is International Open Access Week 2016 - an annual event which celebrates open access publishing, with events being held at universities and libraries across the globe. We thought we'd take this opportunity to write a blog post about open access pub...

Can you see the stethoscope between ‘D’ and ‘J’ in our updated logo?

If so, you have just shared the same lightbulb moment, as James and I, when we first saw the design last week!

Initially, we were reluctant to lose our ‘beloved’ stethoscope, but we were left in awe wh...