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Anna de Beer

Junior Education Section Editor and Design Editor

Anna is due to graduate in June 2023, with First Class Honours in Medical Sciences from the University of St Andrews. Here Anna was awarded the Principal’s Scholarship for Academic Excellence - granted to final year students whose academic performances are the highest in their faculty (Medicine). 

During the pandemic Anna served as a Governor for Dorset Healthcare Trust. In this capacity she assisted the the Board of Directors to develop the Trust's strategic direction, duties included holding the management board to account for the performance of the Trust. 

Anna is currently living in Singapore where she was awarded a funded research attachment (investigating interactions between skin microbiome and Asian Atopic Dermatitis) with the Singapore Immunology Network at ASTAR. On returning to the UK she will complete her MBBS at Queen Mary Barts. 

Along side her studies, in 2022 Anna founded the St Andrews Branch of Anthony Nolan Marrow. Over the course of a year they recruited 500 people to the stem cell register. Recognizing their achievements, Anna was invited to deliver a presentation entitled "How to successfully run a Marrow: A lesson from St Andrews" at an Anthony Nolan Conference. 

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