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Juliet Kenstavica Pinto

Discussion Starters Editor

Juliet is a medical student at the University of Edinburgh currently intercalating in Bioethics, Law and Society. Her interests lie in experimental research such as possibility of introducing psychedelic therapies in psychiatry which forms the basis of her intercalated dissertation. She is also interested in drug policy and the regulatory frameworks for drug approval alongside social and public health issues relating to drug abuse.

Her clinical interests are centred on the subspecialties of psychiatry, neurology, medical education, and academic medicine. Juliet is also involved in Widening Participation and is a mentor to high school students seeking to join the medical profession.

Outside of medicine, Juliet can be found playing volleyball and coaching the Edinburgh University Medics Volleyball Club. You may also find her in the kendo dojo wielding a shinai, running through the many hills of Edinburgh or tackling particularly challenging routes on a bouldering wall.

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