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Zheqing Zhang

Original Research Section Editor

Zheqing is a medical student at the University of Oxford, with a keen interest in clinical research, academic medicine, and medical writing. She has experience working with three research groups at Oxford, including an introduction to neuroscience research using controllable pulse parameter transcranial magnetic stimulation (cTMS) with the Physiological Neuroimaging Group, a summer studentship involving a molecular and cancer biology project at the Sir William Dunn School of Pathology, and a Final Honour School research project at the Laboratory of Translational Pleural Research where she investigated the immunosuppressive mechanisms of malignant pleural effusion. These research findings formed the basis of her dissertation and enabled the lab to successfully apply for a Cancer Research UK (CRUK) grant.


Following these experiences, Zheqing has presented her work at various student conferences and symposiums. In addition, her passion for writing led her to participate in the Student Voice Prize 2022, an international essay competition about rare diseases, for which her winning essay was published in the Orphanet Journal of Rare Diseases. As she progresses through clinical school, she hopes to explore more translational and clinical research opportunities, and continue contributing to medical sciences and communication.


Outside of medicine, Zheqing enjoys sports, running, reading, photography, and travelling.

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