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#BSDJPRIDE: The LGBTQ+ Issue - Out Now!

We began work on this issue over a year ago and it has been a phenomenally inspiring journey. From an idea formed in response to both my lived experiences in the NHS, and as a witness to those of other LGBTQ+ people, it stands now as a powerful queer expression of resilience and pride. We partnered with GLADD, The Association of LGBTQ+ Doctors and Dentists, to co-publish this issue, and they have provided great support and a wonderful editorial exploring many of the themes which have been included in this supplement. There are a number of very exciting, thought-provoking, and educational articles which we are delighted to be able to share with you.

It is our great pleasure to present this supplementary issue, click here to access, read and enjoy this issue of the BSDJ.


Latest Issue from The British Student Doctor

It has been 98 years since Alexander Fleming's 'triumph of discovery' led to the introduction of penicillin to the world and today, the fight against infectious diseases has never been more relevant. In our title piece, Ryan McFall addresses the changes and problems faced with antimicrobial use and stewardship.

Covid-19 continues to cause unprecedented changes in cultures, economies and lives across the globe. In his editorial Dr. Ed Cantelo, the director of Medics' Money, addresses the importance of financial awareness and provides key insights into money management as a Doctor.

British Student Doctor Journal January 2021 Edition

The January 2021 issue of The BSDJ is now live - click here to download and read.


The C4ME Edition - Available now

This is another exciting, eclectic and scholarly mix of papers showcasing the high quality and wide range of research work that Cardiff’s intercalating medical students generated during 2019-20 as they undertook an additional year of study and hands-on research experience sandwiched between years 3 and 4, or 4 and 5, of the Cardiff MBBCh course.

Far from reflecting work conducted in a remote ivory tower, these articles bear witness to the students’ deep encounters with evidence-based medicine – “where the rubber meets the road” (Greenhalgh 2003). That is to say, the place where academic study and research evidence directly intersect with practical questions such as how patients experience healthcare, how new treatments can be devised using rigorous research and evaluation, how healthcare advice is understood and implemented in practice, and how guidance may be improved in specific areas of healthcare

C4ME Supplement November 2020 Cover.png

The November 2020 C4ME issue of The BSDJ is now live - click here to download and read.

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The British Student Doctor is a high quality, open access, biannual, peer-reviewed, general medical journal, which publishes articles written primarily by medical students. In addition to publishing original research and systematic reviews, we also provide a platform to medical students to express original thought and reflections on clinical practice, student life and medical education.


All of our content is fully open access, available without subscription and with no authorship charges. All articles published in The British Student Doctor go through a rigorous peer-review process, led by our student editorial team. The governance of the journal is overseen by our faculty advisory board, and we are published by Cardiff University Press and funded by Cardiff University School of Medicine.


The journal is a publication of The Foundation for Medical Publishing, a charitable incorporated organisation registered in England and Wales (1189006), itself a subsidiary of the Academy of Medical Educators.


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