Management Policies of The British Student Doctor

Diversity & Inclusion

It is the position of The British Student Doctor that any article which is original, rigorous, academically important and relevant to UK medical students should be published, regardless of the discipline, institution, location, nationality, gender, race, religion or sexuality of the author(s). Any submission made to the journal will therefore be given full consideration for publication, subject to the standard editorial processes. 

All editorial staff and peer reviewers undertaking editorial work for The British Student Doctor must observe this policy at all times, and must not allow the identity or affiliation of the author(s) influence their judgement.   

All staff will be made aware of this policy at the commencement of their editorial responsibilities. If at any time an editor or peer reviewer feels that they are unable to remain objective and impartial regarding a submission to the journal, then they are duty bound to raise this issue with the Editor(s)-in-Chief, who will take action, as appropriate. This will normally involve removing the editor or peer reviewer from the assignment.


In addition to the above responsibilities, the journal will also seek to support and uphold diversity and human rights. The journal will not publish any work, under any circumstances, which, directly or indirectly, seeks to marginalise the rights of any individual or group. 


Advertising & Sponsorship

The British Student Doctor accepts advertising and sponsorship for its journal, website and social media in accordance with the following principles:

  • Advertisements must be compliant with UK laws and regulations.

  • Advertisements are separate from the content of the journal. The British Student Doctor does not allow advertising or sponsorship to influence editorial decisions. The content of the journal is never added, removed or altered to accommodate for advertisers. Advertising sales representatives have no influence or prior knowledge of the content of the journal.

  • The journal accepts advertising and sponsorship relevant to its audience in their personal and professional lives. Advertising must be factual and appropriate, as judged by the editorial team and faculty advisory board of The British Student Doctor.

  • Readers must be able to distinguish clearly between editorial content and advertisements in the journal, on the website and on social media. Advertisements must conform to the specifications of The British Student Doctor.

  • All commercial relationships between The British Student Doctor and third party organisations must be transparent to the reader and surreptitious or subliminal advertising is not permitted.

  • By featuring commercial advertisements in its journal, The British Student Doctor does not endorse any organisation, product or service.

  • Access to online editorial content should not be impeded by advertisements or sponsorship. Advertising banners featuring on The British Student Doctor website or social media that link users to a third party website may ask for personal information. The British Student Doctor cannot be held liable for the content of third party websites, and viewer discretion is advised.

  • The British Student Doctor reserves the right to decline or withdraw any advertisement at any time. If the reason for withdrawal is outside of these stated guidelines, the Editor(s)-in-Chief will provide an explanation for the removal.