Our Ethos

1. Ethical Publishing

We believe all scientific thought should be shared completely open-access. Restricted access creates an information-deficit for countries and universities with lower incomes and resources. Therefore, the most ethical method of publishing is to make all articles published available to all free of charge. The British Student Doctor supports this initiative and all of our articles will be fully open access.

3. Beautiful Design

We want to create a journal for the social media generation. Through clean design and branding, we aim to set a new standard for all academic journals and engage more students through doing so.

2. Provide opportunity

Currently less than 14% of medical students even attempt to publish their work in journals. We want to provide medical students the opportunity to publish their work, as well as the chance to gain editorial and peer-review experience. Furthermore, we aim to educate students on the process of publication and the benefits of academic publishing. 

Our Vision

"A platform for sharing the critical thought and creative flair of medical students packaged in a simple, modern and accessible way."