Author Guidelines

Coronavirus: Stories from the Frontline

Protective Gear
  • We are looking for short, personal and reflective narratives of your experiences of being a healthcare student or professional during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

  • Questions that you may want to consider include: What are the implications of working in a healthcare setting during a pandemic? How has this affected you? What advice would you give to your peers in the same situation? What would you want the general public to know, that is not widely discussed in the media?

  • Articles should be less than 500 words.

  • At the top of your submission please include:

    • Your full name

    • Medical school, institution or organisation

    • Year of study (if relevant)

    • Email address 

    • If you feel inspired - a title for your work.

  • Please include a high resolution photograph of yourself with the submission. If you do not wish to share a personal photograph, we are happy to help you find an alternative image. This will be posted alongside your submission.

  • Please complete the copyright assignment form which includes a pre-submission checklist, and submit this with your manuscript.

  • Send your submission as a doc. file to [email protected].