Stories from the Front Line

Coronavirus (COVID-19) has had drastic global implications in a short space of time. The rapidly evolving pandemic has led to closure of our businesses, schools, universities and an upheaval of the daily fabric of our lives.

Whilst the rest of the country lives under strict social distancing measures, our healthcare workers are working tirelessly to save lives, which inevitably comes with the risk of exposure and often having to live away from family. 

For medical students it has presented unique challenges - with students being called in early to clinical practice, missing final placements and examinations and disruption to their training.

Starting as a new doctor is a testing time and our next generation of doctors are now part of a unique cohort of individuals who bear a huge responsibility of care for their communities.

In recognition of the challenges, sacrifices and risks taken by our healthcare community, The British Student Doctor will be publishing short personal stories of students and healthcare staff from the front line. In such unique times, we hope to celebrate the efforts of our global medical community. 

If you would like to share your story, please review the author guidelines.

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