Ji-Hyun Park

Original Research Section Editor

Ji-Hyun is a third year medical student at University of Glasgow.  Before studying medicine, she has completed a BSc and PhD degree in Cellular Molecular Medicine at University of Bristol.  Her PhD research focussed on targeting PRMT5 (Protein Arginine Methyltransferase 5) as a novel therapeutic strategy for poor prognosis neuroblastoma patients with MYCN gene amplification. 


In the medical school, Ji is continuing her passion for research.  She is supporting other medical students to get involved in research as the president of Glasgow University Medical Research Society (GUMRS), a society running journal clubs, and pairing students with medical research mentors.  She has also been partaking in summer projects at the CRUK Beatson Institute.  On her free time, she likes to bake and play the violin. 

Ji-Hyun Park_edited.jpg