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Avula Aishwarya Rao

Blogs Editor

Avula Aishwarya (she/her) is a second year Medical Student at the University of Sheffield. Her academic interests include oncology and surgery. Currently working on research around grafting techniques for amputations with the plastics ‘Hand and Upper Limb’ department at Birmingham Women’s and Children’s Hospital. As BSDJ blog editor, she is excited to work on a new blog series called ‘Medical and Surgical Research: The Holy Grail’ with the aim to make research more accessible to medical students.Avula Aishwarya is passionate about medical ethics and human rights. In the past year, she has taken part in fundraising programs for Médecins Sans Frontières, volunteered with TUoS ‘Anatomy Society’ for anatomy outreach programmes and volunteered as an interviewer for the University of Sheffield medical admissions 2023-24 cycle.


Outside of University, she enjoys experimenting with cooking and reading. She speaks English and Hindi fluently and plans to learn British Sign Language during her summer break.

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