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The BSDJ Blog is a great place to submit shorter, informal articles and personal opinions. We are looking for engaging content that will start a conversation. It’s also a great place to start your writing journey.

General guidance

  • In comparison to a journal publication, a blogpost should be shorter in length, with more informal and personal language.

  • Blog posts should be engaging, current and relevant to medical students. For example, selecting a topic currently in the news and expanding on this from a personal perspective.

  • The style of writing is more informal in comparison to a journal article. However, we still expect authors to reference sources and acknowledge the contributions of others appropriately. Correct spelling, grammar and clarity are important.

  • All blog posts will feature on our website, and will be promoted via our social media channels and email newsletter.

  • Although we encourage submissions from UK medical students, we place no compulsory requirements on authors. We will be pleased to accept and review submissions from students and professionals from any discipline, and based in any country, provided that the submissions are relevant to our target audience of UK medical students.

  • The review process for a blogpost is internal only, meaning that your submission will be reviewed by two members of the editorial team and not by external peer reviewers. If changes are required, there will be only one round of revisions prior to publication. If the submission is not considered of adequate standard, the submission will not be published.

  • We aim to inform you of the initial outcome of your submission within 4 weeks.







Essential requirements

  • All submissions should be between 600 and 1000 words in length, with a maximum of 10 correctly formatted references.

  • All submissions should be in Microsoft Word format (.doc or .docx).

  • Font size 12, single-spaced and in an easily readable font. Please include page numbers at the bottom of each page of the submission.

  • References should be submitted in The British Student Doctor Vancouver format. Submissions without correctly formatted references will be returned prior to peer review for correction.

  • All figures should be included at the end of the manuscript, with in-text markers to indicate their intended print position.

  • If you are including an image as part of your submission, please indicate the source of this image so that we can ensure compliance to copyright regulations. If the image does not comply, we will select a similar image on your behalf. Alternatively, if you would like us to include an image on your behalf, please indicate this in your submission (e.g. insert image of a stethoscope).

  • All articles must comply with our equality and diversity policy, and must not contain any potentially libelous or offensive content. Authors should also take all necessary steps to maintain patient confidentiality.

  • Please complete the copyright assignment form which includes a pre-submission checklist, and submit this with your manuscript.

  • On the cover page please include the following details:

    • Expected author details are a) corresponding author’s full contact details (institution, email address, telephone number and address for written correspondence), and b) name, institution and email address of all other authors.

    • All individuals identified as authors of the submission must meet the ICMJE criteria for authorship, as described here. Please include a statement of the exact contribution of each of the authors to the work, following the four domains of the ICMJE criteria.

    • All blogposts must be original; this means that they should not have been previously published in any other format, in any other publication, in whole or in part. We will however accept work which has been presented at conferences, either orally or as a poster. Please include on the cover page of your submission a statement that the work is original, and whether or not it has been previously presented. All submissions to The British Student Doctor will be scanned for plagiarism. Please also ensure that your article is not currently under consideration for publication at any other blog, journal or publisher. For more information, please see our policy on copyright and publishing agreements.

  • The final decision regarding publication rests with the Editors-in-Chief. We reserve the right to make any amendments to the blog post that we feel are necessary, and choose when the post is published. In some cases, we may decide to publish the post as a article in the main issue of the journal, if we feel that this is more appropriate. 

  • If there any comments or questions posted at the end of your blogpost, we expect you to provide a response within one week. If you have any concerns about the content of the comments, please do not hesitate to inform us. Any abusive content will be removed immediately from the page.

  • Your submission is complete once you have emailed your blogpost, cover page, copyright assignment form and pre-submission article checklist to [email protected]. If you have any further questions about submitting a blog post, please email [email protected].

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